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The VH framework provides a toolset that allows clinicians to see and sense with heightened accuracy the intricacies of patient movement. It allows patients to understand with greater clarity the clinicians instructions - this leads to better compliance.

Each team member of Virtual Haptics sees an opportunity to combine two parallel fields—the medical realm and the technology landscape. Each has contributed to the other, but we are finding new ways with each project to create ripples in rehabilitation, pain management, drug addiction, mental health, and even certain levels of education. Soon, ripples become shockwaves, and our projects will span many specialties for the benefit of all. Our most important partner? It’s you.



We provide platforms for performing interactive therapy through a digital medium. This allows for improvements in and analysis of patient compliance and precise data collection of treatment sessions, whether the clinician is physically with the patient or not. Another section of interactive therapy that we are currently developing involves using haptics (touch/tactile sensation), audio cues, and visual cues that can be modified to the patient’s needs. This involves deep research on our part into the latest standards of medical practice and engineering prowess.


Our goal from the start was to provide a toolkit to providers of all kinds to extend reach into their communities beyond physical presence. The devices we have in R&D accomplish this by connecting existing technology interfaces with our own to provide reliable communication pathways between patients and practitioners. As this project grows, our experts are working to innovate into the future, such as developing materials for interdisciplinary communication with patient information available for discussion in 4D.


Teletraining has been a central concept in our work from the conception of the company. Our experts are currently inventing new ways to apply the latest in neuroscientific principles to motor learning, skill acquisition, and information retention. This is primarily being developed for two populations: patients and medical professionals. Our products are designed to be taken into remote locations with limited technological infrastructure  and be used to provide a limitless resource on evaluative tools, diagnostic criteria, education on pathologies and epidemiology/etiology, and more. This information is being made to have options for translation to multiple languages and is able to be modified to the population, i.e. the medical professional is provided with complex treatment protocols while the patient is provided with material to help them understand their condition and why the plan of care for them was established in a particular way. Our dream is for others to see this resource to them and use it to change the world in ways that were previously unavailable.

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